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Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice in Tulsa, Oklahoma

In Oklahoma a minor age twelve and below has seven years from the date of negligence to file a claim. Meanwhile, a minor over the age of twelve has until his/her 19th birthday for the parents to file a claim. An adult, however, only has two years to file a claim. Failure to file a claim within the statute of limitation means you forfeit the ability to seek compensation.
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You’re entitled to file an Oklahoma medical malpractice action if an Oklahoma healthcare provider acted with medical negligence. This means the quality of care you received was below standard, and resulted in an injury. This includes mistakes made in writing prescriptions or providing medication, birth and delivery injuries, misdiagnosis, and failure or errors in treating a condition. In Oklahoma, a victim can qualify for up to $350,000 unless wrongful death is included. This cap also does not apply if the judge finds proof of:

Prescription Malpractice

Have you have been negatively affected by the poor choices of someone working in the medical field in Tulsa? It is normal to place a great deal of trust in medical professionals, especially when they are prescribing medications. While this trust is often well earned, egregious errors do occur even within the medical community. You may be entitled to receive compensation for additional injury or illness you suffered as a result of medical malpractice via prescription medications.

According to the Oklahoma Board of Medical Licensure and Supervision (OSBMLS), you have the right to file a prescription malpractice complaint. The OSBMLS maintains jurisdiction over Medical Doctors (MD), Physician’s Assistants (PA), Physical Therapists (PT), Physical Therapy Assistants (TA), Occupational Therapists (OT), Occupational Therapy Assistants (OA), Anesthesiologist Assistants (AA), Athletic Trainers (AT), Registered Electrologists (RE), Respiratory Care Practitioners (RC), Licensed Dietitians (LD), Pedorthists (LPED), Orthotists/Prosthetists (LO/LPR), and Radiologist Assistants (RA). They also contract investigative services for Podiatrists (DPM) and Perfusionists (LP). If you feel someone is practicing without a license, notify the District Attorney’s office. If you have been mis-prescribed, use the Tulsa Attorney Directory to hire the best Tulsa Prescription Malpractice representation to handle your case.

Birth Injury Malpractice

When it comes to childbirth, doctors and hospital workers are legally and ethically obligated to ensure newborn children are brought into the world without harm or other debilitating injuries. Birth injuries can cause physical, developmental, emotional and financial damages to a family for decades to come. These negligence injuries can happen prenatally, during childbirth, or even after delivery.

Birth injuries are a result of errors, carelessness, negligence, inattention, and can take many forms. Some of the words and phrases you might hear as you consider whether you or a loved one has been a victim of malpractice include:

If your child has been injured due to someone else’s neglect use the Tulsa Attorney Directory to hire the experienced legal representation needed to handle your care.

Medical Misdiagnosis

Physicians continue to misdiagnose countless patients in outpatient and emergency room settings each year, resulting in the suffering of innocent victims. Whether going in for a minor-illness, or a life-threatening condition, patients expect to receive a certain caliber of care from physicians and medical professionals. A number of studies, however, indicate that a surprising number of ill patients are misdiagnosed or released from care without a diagnosis at all. In fact, 12 million Americans are misdiagnosed every year, and medical errors are the third-leading cause of death in the States. According to the CDC, over 990 million people visit a physician’s office yearly in the United States and the TULSAEI reports that 221,1000 patients visit emergency rooms in Tulsa each year. If you find yourself a victim of misdiagnosis that has resulted in injury or suffering use the Tulsa Attorney Directory to hire expert legal representation.

Medical Error in Treatment

Errors in treatment are far too frequent in hospitals and medical offices today. Often hospitals and insurance companies are more concerned with protecting their own interests than with helping the patients they have sworn to heal. While patients are negatively affected by these errors, family members and their loved ones are also left with pain and frustration. Clients often experience overwhelming stress because they are faced with these unexpected tragedies that negatively affect them both physically and emotionally. Compounding this frustration is the inability to get answers to important questions. Some of the most common mistreatments include:

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Each case involving medical and hospital errors is unique. Use the Tulsa Attorney Directory to find the medical malpractice attorney committed to protecting the rights of those who are suffering as a result of an error in treatment.

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