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Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Workers Compensation in Tulsa is very direct. Oklahoma Workers Compensation operates under the no-fault law. This means no matter who is found to be at fault for the accident, the victims benefits will be paid through Workers Compensation. Receiving the proper health care is crucial. Doing so in a timely manner is also important. First, the sooner you receive treatment the less an employer can say about the injury not being work related. Most importantly, properly recovering from any injuries sustained will decrease the amount of time lost at work.
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What qualifies for Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

There is a list of industries which do not qualify for Workers’ Compensation Benefits. These may include:

If you are not employed in an above listed industry there are strict rules and timelines in order to receive benefits. Any injury, including occupational diseases must be reported within thirty days. Although it is recommended to report your injury to your employer or supervisor as soon as possible. Your employer is required by law to file out a CC-Form-2. Also known as the Employer’s First Notice Of Injury Form. If immediate emergency medical treatment is necessary, you may choose a medical provider. However, if your injury is a non-emergency, the employer is allowed to pick the provider. If a medical provider has not issued your treatment within seven days of the injury you’re entitled, under Oklahoma law, to choose your own provider. Make sure to document all facts related to your injury during your initial doctor’s visit.

Workers Compensation Benefits Cover

Medical Treatments Covered Include

After receiving your disability award, you will be issued payments. Please note, only seventy percent of your original weekly wages can legally be paid out to you in benefits. The State of Oklahoma caps the limited weekly amount able to be received is $596.03. You will receive your temporary benefits until a doctor declares you condition can not improve through anymore treatment or time.  

Permanent Total Benefits are paid for a job-related injury or disease that results in permanent and total disability. These benefits are paid for a period of fifteen years or until the employee reaches the age of maximum social security retirement benefits, whichever is longer. If the employee suffered death the surviving spouse, and each child, is entitled to a lump sum benefit payment. They may also receive weekly benefits and funeral costs. If the spouse remarries a lump sum equal to two years compensation is paid, and then benefits stop. Rules vary for dependent children. A child can receive benefits until age 18. However, if the child is a full-time student enrolled in an accredited educational institution or is home-schooled they qualify for benefits until age 23. Also, any dependent who is mentally or physically unable to be self-supporting may also be entitled to benefits after age 18.

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Using the Tulsa Attorney Directory to enlist the advocacy of a skilled and experienced Workman’s Compensation attorney will significantly increase your odds of settling your claim in a timely manner. Attempting to navigate this process without the help of a legal professional may result in the quality of life being reduced for you and your loved ones.

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