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Real Estate Lawyer in Tulsa, Oklahoma

There are vast aspects of Real Estate Law. From negotiating effective contracts to property disputes use the Tulsa Attorney Directory to help you hire the right Tulsa real estate lawyer with extensive experience serving large corporations, small businesses, mid-size companies and individuals.
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Common Misconceptions about Real Estate Lawyers

Do not confuse a real estate lawyer with a real estate agent. Although the titles sound similar, they are not. While a real estate agent can assist with the buying or selling of property, by law they can offer no legal advice. Only a real estate lawyer can provide guidance on any legal issues that may arise during the real estate process. The same can be said about title companies vs. a real estate lawyer. While a title company will prepare the closing documents and issue a policy, they are an employee of the title insurer. A real estate lawyer, however, works for you and is legally obligated to advocate on your behalf throughout the entire transaction.

Commercial vs. Residential Transactions

There are also vast differences between commercial versus residential transactions, although legal representation is recommended for both. While residential transactions are systematic and regulated commercial transaction offer multiple complexities, including due diligence. Due diligence includes the American Land Title Association (ALTA) Survey, related title endorsements, environmental site assessments, property conditions assessments, Seismic Risk Assessment (PML), and zoning.  Commercial real estate revolves around business, and is often used as an investment to achieve a specific Return of Investment (ROI) on funds invested. Residential real estate however revolves around the individual needs and desires of a homeowner, commonly with an entire family in mind.   

Transaction Parties

During a Residential transaction the parties involved include:

During a Commercial Transaction the parties involved include:

Purchase and Sale Agreement – PSA

There are no rules. The purpose of the PSA is to protect all parties rights, obligations and liabilities in order to close the transaction. Every term is up for negotiation. Most CRE agreements include commonly used provisions.

Understanding these provisions is essential for both the buyer and seller

Every commercial transaction closing will involve these four steps


Buyers will want reassurances that the property is correctly zoned for its current use and for the buyer’s intended use. As part of the closing documents the parties will want a report that proves a zoning search has been conducted and that there are no known zoning issues. Depending on the jurisdiction, this report may include letters from 

Having an experienced real estate lawyer by your side will allow you the opportunity to navigate around complications before they arise.

Zoning Reports and Letters are vital because

Hiring an experienced real estate lawyer will

ALTA has three requested Endorsement Forms including

Don’t get lost in the paperwork and red tape involved in the legal aspects of real estate. Investing in a Real Estate lawyer will insure your simple or complex transaction is as smooth a process as possible.

Oil and Gas Matters

The highly specialized field of oil and gas is popular in Oklahoma and requires representation from an experienced and qualified attorney who not only has oil and gas law insights, but also has extensive knowledge of Real Estate law. Since the first pocket of oil was discovered in Indian Territory in Mayes County, Oklahoma in 1859, Oklahomans have been searching, discovering, drilling, developing and innovating in the production of oil, gas, and other natural resources. Oklahoma has long been considered a leader in the provision of energy resources like oil and natural gas in the United States. This is a source of pride, as well as immense financial security for many in Oklahoma. Find legal representation for both individuals and businesses in matters involving leases, minerals, and resource transactions.

Some items with which you may need legal assistance in Oil and Gas include

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Oklahoma’s Natural Gas Resources is proud to boast an abundance of natural gas, and our red clay is a direct reflection of our beautiful state. If you need representation for a real estate or oil and gas law issue, use the Tulsa Attorney Directory to hire an attorney that has dedicated a significant amount of time and has experience in this specific field of law.

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